Parents captured footage of baby and dog goes viral


If we give love, we get love in return. It’s really that simple. And if you think about it, who knows how to express these deepest of feelings the best? Little children, of course. They are honest and always speak their mind no matter if you like what they have to say or not. As there are people who don’t like animals, no child would ever refuse getting close to a sweet dog or a cat for a lick or a hug.

dog goes viral


This San Antonio, Texas, baby girl is no different. Her family is aware of the positive impact animals have on kids so they opted for this sweet lady to grow around a big pup. The way she treats her furry pal is beyond adorable. She showers him with affection and a bunch of kisses refusing to leave his side even for a moment. The best thing of all? The dog’s reaction to all this love he gets from his human sister.

This sweet scene reminds us that when you really love someone, no words are needed to show that to the person, or in this case the dog. None of these friends know how to speak, so they show their fondness for one another using the language of friendship. We are so glad the girl’s mommy decided to put this on tape and share it with the rest of us.

dog goes viral

The dog is staying quiet most of the time and lets the girl kiss him. Then at one moment, he gets up and gives her a kiss back. The baby girl is all smiles. These two really know how to have fun.

Kids and dogs do make best of friends. Every parent out these should see this video and realize how important these animals are in the life of the little ones.

This is definitely a must see! It will melt your heart.



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