After 7 Years In A Shelter, This Puppy-Like Dog Was Finally Adopted


This is the story of Pirate, a 12.5 years-old senior dog who had spent a great portion of her life not in a loving forever home, but at an animal shelter. Formerly a stray, visitors always walked passed her due to her age – no one gave the senior dog a chance. However, one woman and her husband, did. Once Jennifer Hoyt, with her husband in tow, walked into the doors of the Oahu SPCA animal shelter, she took notice of the senior canine and requested an appointment to meet Pirate in person almost immediately.

The couple were shocked to find out that Pirate the already senior dog had spent half her life in the shelter being overlooked by potential adopters for 7 years. For Pirate, the hope of a forever home seemed so far away until the couple came. Although Jennifer and her husband did not own a house yet, that did not stop them from adopting Pirate soon after they’ve met.

old senior dog

At first, the couple purchased a dog bed for Pirate for in her kennel, and visited every day for many months to keep her company. When they finally got a house and introduced Pirate to their new home, she was a dog transformed. With the new nickname ‘old lady puppy’, Pirate begun to show many sides of personality which no one else had seen before. Pirate welcomes the couple home daily from work, is a natural at old senior dog training and is always on her best behavior. Hooray for Pirate!

old senior dog

Watch the story unfold in the video below!

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