Rescue Cat Saves Owner When She’s Locked Out Of House


Boko is a sweet stray cat who loves his owner Gabby Tropea more than anything in the world. Before Boko went to live with Gabby and her family, he was living as a stray on her college campus in Texas. Gabby found the cat, fell in love with him, and officially adopted him.

Since that moment, he and Gabby have been completely inseparable

Gabby Tropea via Instagram

Source: Gabby Tropea via Instagram

Boko proved how devoted he was to Gabby in February 2019, when Gabby’s sister accidentally locked her out of the house.

“I got to the front door and Boko could hear me trying to get in,” Tropea told The Dodo. “He started crying and scratching at the door.”

Gabby Tropea via Twitter

Source: Gabby Tropea via Twitter

Poor Boko was convinced that he was never going to see Gabby again. He knew that if he ever wanted to cuddle with his beloved owner again, he had to help her find her way inside.

Gabby thought of the perfect way for Boko to help. The back patio door was secured with a stick to prevent potential intruders from getting inside. Gabby hoped that Boko would be able to remove the stick, allowing her to open the door.

Gabby Tropea

Source: Gabby Tropea

Boko immediately realized what Gabby wanted him to do.

“He started rubbing his face on the stick and I was encouraging him to mess with it. I was coaching him to lift it up,” Tropea said. “He understood what I was trying to tell him and he started lifting it up!”

Gabby Tropea via Twitter

Source: Gabby Tropea via Twitter

Soon, Boko pushed the stick aside and Gabby was able to go inside. Boko was so proud of himself, and Gabby gave him lots of treats to thank him for his help.

“He was all clingy and snuggly after that for a good while,” Gabby said.

Gabby Tropea

Source: Gabby Tropea

Gabby posted a video of the moment Boko unlocked the door to Twitter and it went viral, receiving more than six million views. Everyone was amazed by Boko’s cleverness and his dedication to Gabby!

Another Twitter user shared a photo of what her cat did when she got locked out. Needless to say, he wasn’t as helpful as Boko.

Gabby is glad her beloved cat is getting so much attention.

“Tbh not surprised this blew up because Boko is a hero and he deserves this,” Gabby wrote on Twitter.

Gabby Tropea

Source: Gabby Tropea

Boko is a sweet cat who would do anything for the woman who rescued him! We’re so glad these two found each other.

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