Rescuer Found Not Only Just One Abandoned Puppy – But Also Another Kitten


He initially thought that it was going to be a normal rescue routine..

A rescue driver for the Michigan Humane Society named Chris Ouwerkerk had been dispatched to a rescue site, initially thinking that it was just a normal rescue. When he got to the rescue site, it was raining and therefore cold. Ouwerkerk soon quickly spotted a puppy, who was trying to keep herself warm in-between two trashcans.

He whistled to catch the puppy’s attention, who immediately responded and ran to him. Ouwerkerk then petted and picked up the puppy. But before he could leave, he heard a loud meow coming from the back of the trashcans.

Ouwerkerk decided to reach behind the trashcans and found a small kitten, who was shivering from the rain. The kitten was also friendly and allowed Ouwerkerk to carry it to safety. As both animals wanted to stay near each other, it was obvious that both the puppy and the kitten had been huddling together to stay warm from the cold.

One Abandoned Puppy

Ouwerkerk immediately brought them to his vehicle and drove back to the shelter. At the shelter, both animals received medical treatment and vaccinations before getting nursed back to health with plenty of care and food provided by the staff.

Even at the shelter, the two are the best of friends and would still stay close to each other during their stay. The puppy and the kitten were soon named Camarin and Tomas respectively.

Who says that dogs and cats cannot be best friends? Take a look at a video of this beautiful friendship below!

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