He Secretly Films His Dog Watching TV. Now Watch When His Favorite Movie Comes On


Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, relaxing afternoon in front of the TV watching their favorite movie? I know I do. But, I am not the only one. We love it because it’s a great way to entertain ourselves and go into the virtual world where we can be whoever we want, even our most adored superhero.

But if you thought only people and kids do that, you are wrong. Animals love TV too. Take this adorable dog for example. Stryker is a real movie addict, and whenever he is front of the big colorful box, he pretends to be a movie character and it’s simply hilarious to watch.

What he likes watching the most is the superhero Bolt. He gets so happy when he sees him on the screen that he can’t hide his excitement and starts running around the room, while his dog friend is not interested in the movie at all.

The owner keeps filming lovely Stryker, who can’t have it enough of Bolt. When he appears on the screen, the dog watches with admiration, and even tries to find him behind the TV.

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