Shelter Dog Has Only Less Than A Week To Find A Forever Home


This dog only had a few days left to live if he was not re-homed..

In most cases, shelters would euthanize dogs should they be unable to re-homed on time. Unfortunately, this was the case for Rex. Rex’s former owner was irresponsible and did not manage his dogs, so Rex and the other dogs ran loose in the neighborhood. Rex was also untrained and lacked basic guidance from his former owner.

Due to this, Rex bit someone and was sent to the Austin Animal Center as a result of his actions. However, the management at Austin Animal Center soon demanded that Rex be re-homed in only a few days, or face euthanasia.

A woman named Kayla Murray was determined to save Rex’s life and did her best to rehabilitate Rex for adoption. According to Murray, Rex was a friendly dog who did not understood basic commands and did not know how to react to human companionship.

He was also uninterested in playing fetch or tug-of-war and expressed caution initially. But after interacting with the volunteers for some time, Rex responded positively to them and even looked to them for guidance instead of making his own decisions. He has become more relaxed and affectionate to the people around him.

Rex is also accepting and playful to other dogs, and would exhibit playfulness whenever he sees one in the play yard. Although his interaction with other dogs is limited, Rex still would play-bow and run along the fence with a wagging tail. Not only that, Rex had no problems living with another smaller dog in his former home.

Just like any other dog, Rex needs a loving family who will spoil him rotten with plenty of treats and care. All dogs deserve a second chance, Rex is no different. Rex is currently taken in by Save Them Dogs with Steffen Baldwin, who needs your help in raising funds.

If you want to help Rex, please visit their GoFundMe page titled “Rex’s Last Chance”.

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