Woman Adopts Senior Dog — Whom She Had To Give Up Years Ago


She had never forgotten her first best friend…Growing up as an only child, Nicole Renae always yearned for some company. When she was 10 years old, her grandmother who adopt senior dog, surprised her with a puppy, whom she named Chloe. From that day on, the pair were inseparable and became the best of friends. Nicole and Chloe spent the next 4 years together, until Nicole was 14 years old. That year, Nicole’s father got a new job, which required him to work from home.

As their house needed to be an office, her father was told that they could not have any pets. Unfortunately for Chloe, she was considered “yappy” and needed to go. Nicole was heartbroken by the news and didn’t want to give Chloe up, but she had no choice in the matter. Nicole and her family dropped Chloe off at their local Humane Society, positive that she could find a new home in no time. For Nicole, saying good bye to her best friend was hard.

adopt senior dog

According to Nicole, she said that she had felt sick and sad about it, thinking that she would never see Chloe again. She had even called the Humane Society to find out what happened to Chloe, but was never told anything. As the years passed, Nicole never forgotten about Chloe and still missed her dearly. Nicole eventually got married and even had a daughter of her own, but felt that something was still missing from her life.

adopt senior dog

As she had known the joy that Chloe once brought to her, Nicole wanted to adopt a puppy as she wanted her daughter to experience the same joy. Nicole soon came across a Facebook post about a senior dog who needed a new home and was shocked to find that that dog looked very familiar to her. Not only that, she was also named Chloe! Nicole quickly agreed to adopt her on a whim and went to meet adopt senior dog Chloe.

adopt senior dog

As soon as they met, Nicole found that her “new” dog behaved exactly the same way her first best friend used to. It seemed that Chloe had recognized her instantly and was immediately comfortable with Nicole. Even though Nicole was convinced that this was the same Chloe, her family thought that she was crazy until Nicole’s mother had an idea. Nicole brought Chloe to the vet to check her microchip number to confirm her identity. Lo and behold, it was exactly the same microchip number!

adopt senior dog

Nicole later learned that Chloe had been adopted by an older couple shortly after being surrendered by her family and had lived with them for years until they passed away. Chloe was then adopted by another family, but had to be given up again as they were not able to keep her. Now reunited with her first best friend, Chloe was finally home. Chloe is currently 11 years old and is still living happily in her forever home.

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