Former Army Veteran Diagnosed With Cancer Pleads To Public: Help Find My Missing Service Dog


Recently, one Las Vegas woman has made local headlines due to her ongoing mission – she aims to reunite a former army veteran with his missing canine companion. The veteran has been diagnosed with cancer, and had to be admitted to the hospital. Unfortunately, it was around the very same time that his beloved dog, Murphy, disappeared without a trace after running away.


Both Jacki Scaturro and her daughter stayed by their neighbor’s side during his 5 days on life support and through his devastating diagnosis of terminal cancer. Murphy however, was always on the poor man’s mind.

“He is very ill, and this will make him whole again. In the last weeks of his life, I want to bring Murphy home,” she says.

Murphy is a bright 2-year-old Belgian Malinois which weighs an estimated 60 pounds. Mister Morris, Jacki’s neighbor and army veteran, had initially left Murphy alone by himself back home, with his son coming over to help take care of the dog. Murphy had escaped, and was never seen since. Jacki, who also works as a pet groomer, had been trying since December 2018 to help get Murphy back to his owner.

Even after putting up many fliers all over on her own accord around Centennial Hills, still there was no news of Murphy. Murphy is also microchipped, which hinted that maybe someone had taken the dog in instead. To this day, Jacki hopes that whoever is taking care of Murphy would very kindly, return him to his former owner.
former army veteran

former army veteran

“He is a very kind animal. He is very kind, and I think anybody that sees him would want him, to be honest. Bringing Murphy back to him (Mister Morris) will light up his life – it will make him happy.”

Watch the news report in the video below:

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