Labrador Mix Surrendered At Shelter — With All His Belongings


Meet Wall-E, a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever mix who weighs just about 22.6 Kilograms / 50 pounds and is a toilet-trained fellow. However, he has one of the saddest expressions a dog could have due to one thing. On 24 November, the maricopa county animal care and control re-told Wall-E’s story on their Facebook page, with a picture of him and his belongings in tow. He was visibly heartbroken.

Although the MCACC is the 2nd largest intake shelter in the United States, they are a kill shelter – due to the severe lack of space. Already overcrowded, the shelter was unable to take in more dogs without putting down others – Wall-E might be next. Wall-E was surrendered by his former owners, with his own dog bed and the rest of his familiar items – he was in reasonably good health and showed no signs of being abused either. The shelter pleaded with the public: “Please don’t bash his previous owners though. We don’t know the whole story. What we do know is that the owner was heartbroken, and crying. It was hard to finally help them leave. The staff was crying with the owners. We don’t believe this decision was taken lightly.”

maricopa county animal care and control

News about Wall-E spread fast, with the Facebook post shared by many, over 18,000 times. Many commenters were interested in adopting the Labrador Mix. Eventually, a woman named Lynn Lee adopted Wall-E on 25 November, just a day after the dog arrived at MCACC – and the rest was history. Thanks to social media and the kindness shown by animal lovers nationwide, Wall-E was successfully rehomed and loved once again!

maricopa county animal care and control

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