Man is caught on film during his final ‘Goodbye’ to his best friend and companion


For those people who have experienced what it feels like to share their every joy and sadness with a furry companion, a dog or a cat would never be just a pet. A man named Merv Tolentino Dumanat knows this all too well. Unfortunately, he also knows the pain of losing a pet. Merv welcomed Shadow the Siberian Husky in his home when he was just a little baby. And now, after six years of being best friends, Shadow suddenly passed away as a result of a blood disease. This loss left Merv heartbroken. 


These two loved each other to the moon and back. They would spend their days visiting parks, taking long walks, playing games, and taking naps. Shadow was the best friend and family Merv could ever ask for. Their bond was unbreakable until the tragic event took place and turned Merv’s life upside-down.

When the time came for Merv to say the final goodbye to his pal at the Pet Valley Park and Crematory, someone witnessed the emotional and touching moment and took some pictures. The devastated man could be seen sobbing and petting Shadow. The dead body of the dog is covered in colorful flowers. This only speaks of the love Merv felt for the sweet dog who lost his life way too early. It’s sort of amazing that Merv organized such a beautiful ceremony for Shadow. We are extremely sorry for his loss and hope Shadow rests in peace.



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