18-Months-Old Pug Almost Starved To Death — He’s Never The Same Today


Dogs may have a rough first start in life, but they should always be given an opportunity to be placed in a loving and happy forever home after being rescued. Meet Basil, an 18-month-old pug who had been was terribly treated by his original owners in Melbourne, Australia. They had even force fed him some marijuana! When animal welfare workers came to the Pug’s rescue, the frail and weak puppy was close to death due to starvation and was almost bald because of a case of untreated mange.

As Basil’s skin problems got worse, his fur fell out in clumps and he began to smell. The young puppy was then cast outside by his owners.  After Basil was rescued, vets found out that he had a stomach full of worms and eye problems – and no muscles.

But after some medicated baths thanks to the vet team, Basil is now being cosseted and fattened up by a local dog rescue organisation named Saffron On The Hill. That was where he learnt to bond with other rescued pugs – he’s not alone anymore.

Staff working at Saffron On The Hill told local press that Basil was on medication, eating four squared meals a day while he regains his strength.

They even put a doggy coat on him to keep him warm. Once Basil completely recovers, hopefully he would be properly rehomed with a loving family.

Thanks to animal rescuers, dogs like Basil would have a life they should have led – as happy house dogs!

Basil is looking forward to his new home today – wish him luck!

Old Pug

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