Woman’s Routine To ‘Let It Go’ Wins Her The World Freestyle Championship


The moment Elsa the snow queen entered our children’s life through the big screens, she became our favorite Disney character. Little girls from all over the world became obsessed with her and we could see many of them wearing clothes with her face printed on them, as well as the distinctive blue gown.

The song that accompanies the story of Elsa is as compelling as the character itself.

This is the reason why Laura Sumrall who took part in the Kentucky Reining Cup decided to do her mesmerizing routine on “Let It Go.” Her performance was the most unique the crowd and the judges of this cup have ever seen.

Elsa the snow queen
Screenshot via YouTube

The girl and her horse were in perfect sync and it looked as though a fairy tale was unfolding in front of the eyes of the spectators. Laura, who was a student at Texas A&M at the time of the championship won the World Freestyle title.

Elsa the snow queen
Screenshot via YouTube

Laura made an entrance riding her horse and wearing a blue cape that was hiding her face. Everyone was looking with a dose of curiosity, having no idea what to expect next. But once she took it off, the gorgeous blue gown resembling that of the snow queen took the audience and the judges to the enchanted world of Disney.

The performance consisted of creative moves, trotting, and galloping that were well though out. The whole thing was followed by standing ovations and loud applause.

Screenshot via YouTube

The connection between Laura and her horse was obvious. She showed incredible control of her trusty steed and made the complex routine look like a piece of cake.

It really was a once-in-a-lifetime performance. If Laura can do a routine like this with a full costume and take home the gold, there’s no telling what magic her future holds!

We can only hope to see more of Laura and her horse in the future.

Screenshot via YouTube

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