Severely Injured Dog Hides And Waits To Die, But These Angels Find Him Just In Time


Thank god for the dog’s timely rescue!

One street dog was horribly injured but had managed to crawl into a strangers house and hid below the stairs. He was waiting to die. Staff at Animal Aid Unlimited, an India-based rescue organization, rushed over to rescue him just in time before he had succumbed to his injuries. The poor dog had sustained an incredibly large wound on his neck as well as several other wounds on his body. Staff had to rush him to the nearest animal hospital for immediate medical care.

Despite the dog’s injured and scared state, he was very trusting  towards staff – it was as if he knew that he was in good hands. After six weeks of dedicated treatment and care for the dog, the staff had fondly named him Jupiter.

Slowly, Jupiter managed to recover from all of his previously horrific injuries. Even the local people who resided near the organization’s headquarters would come over to help care for him! They would comfort Jupiter with loving pets and soothing words, and would even help staff members feed him!

Watch the rescue happen below!

After a six week recovery period, Jupiter is all healthy once more – and loves to play in the organization’s backyard. He remains as one of the most friendliest dogs you will ever meet, too! Plus, its is all thanks to his rescuers that Jupiter had escaped from near-death situation to become happy and healthy again!

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