Cyclists Found Dog In Forest, Tied To A Tree


Recently, one particular heartbreaking clip has went viral rather quickly amongst Facebook users – and it was heartbreaking to watch. One group of cyclists were shown to be saving a dog who was found tightly tied to a tree via a rope on its neck – it had been cruelly abandoned in the woods and left to die. The video had been first posted on the Asociación Animalista Libera’s Facebook Page, which is a Spanish animal rescue organization. The post was accompanied by a description that read: “It takes a very bad person to leave a defenseless animal like that, with a rope that would not allow him to lie down.”

Cyclists Found Dog

The poor dog’s neck had been tied so tightly to the tree that he was forced to remain in a strictly rigid and upright position, which caused him to be unable to even lie down or rest. The dog was visibly starved till bone-thin and confused. He did not even have the energy to bark or to cry out for help.
No one was sure how long the dog had been left out in the wilderness, but it was obvious just by looking at his protruding rib bones and fragile body – he was starving with no access to food or water. It was highly possible that the dog had remained tightly tied to a tree for many weeks.

If no one came or passed by the dog, he would have died all alone in the forest. The cyclists saved the pooch in the nick of time before that could happen. One of cyclists carried a multitool in his pocket, thus the rest of his friends were able to cut the ropes successfully. As that cyclist cuts through the thick ropes, another appeared to be comforting the dog by gently petting him in order to calm his nerves. Finally, the dog is free once again. He was then fed a small treat which he gladly accepted.

The dog was presumed to have been brought out of the woods and straight to an animal shelter where he would be cleaned up, fed, and then properly rehomed.

Watch the rescue happen in the video below:

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