Rescue Dog Gets Adopted and That’s When Something Magical Happened


Every animals lovers should adopt a rescue dog. Each time a rescued dog gets adopted another homeless abandoned dog can be saved. This is the magic of adoption. We want to dedicate this video to all the wonderful people in this world who have opened their hearts and homes and adopted an animal in need.

adopt a rescue dog
adopt a rescue dog

Pet overpopulation is a global problem. With millions of animals in need of adoptive homes, many people may get discouraged and believe that adopting one single animal will not change or improve the overall situation. When in fact the reality is just the opposite. The adoption of that ONE dog makes possible the saving of another dog in need, due to the place that it frees up.

Most animal shelters are overcrowded with animals waiting to be adopted and rescuers are able to take in another animal only after the ones they already have in care have found adoptive homes. Some animal shelters are forced to make difficult decisions and euthanize pets to make space for incoming animals.

Each adoption creates space for another animal in need to be rescued and find lasting love through the wonder of adoption.
Without adoptions, the rescue work cannot continue. If that one dog does not get adopted, none of the millions of homeless dogs waiting for a chance can be saved.

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