A search and rescue dog helped save a Great Pyrenees from deep mud


It takes a highly intelligent and dedicated canine to join the ranks of search and rescue dogs. These animals are put through rigorous courses so they can help efficiently locate missing animals and humans alike. They’re essentially the heroes of the dog world.

When a male Great Pyrenees went missing in a vast forest, his owner couldn’t be certain she’d ever see her beloved pet again. That’s when one rescue dog stepped in and did something no human could…

 When this pregnant German shepherd was found wandering the Washington woods, she had no idea she was about to give birth to a pup who would eventually become a search and rescue hero.

The people who found the lost dog brought her to the Useless Bay Sanctuary in Seahurst, Washington, which was run by a man named Jim Branson.

Amazingly, the first day after the German shepherd was brought to Jim’s sanctuary, she gave birth! Jim said the puppy was the “size of a burrito,” and named him Tino.

As Tino grew up, Jim noticed how much he loved exploring the wilderness. Most dogs love the freedom of the outdoors, but there was something different about Tino.

Tino loved being outside so much that Jim started to have him accompany other dogs on search and rescue missions in the surrounding area. Jim took notice of Tino’s natural ability and did something very special for the pooch…

He started him on his own training regimen! The rescue missions Tino went on with other dogs got him so excited that Jim figured he’d make for a perfect search and rescue candidate. 

In no time at all, Tino became a full-fledged search and rescue dog! Not long after he was certified, he was called for a very important mission…

Jim received a phone call from Karen James, the frantic owner of a deaf 11-year-old Great Pyrenees who was missing. Karen was horseback riding through the woods and her dog, Puppy, joined along. However, things went awry…

Karen and Puppy somehow became separated on their journey, and now Puppy was nowhere to be found. Jim and Tino immediately went to the section of the forest where Puppy went missing. 

Puppy’s owner had a bit of fabric that had the scent of her Great Pyrenees on it, and she let Tino get a good whiff. Once he had the smell in his nose, he was off! 

Tino sprinted away from Jim and Karen, determined to locate the scent somewhere in the woods. Because Puppy was deaf, it was really up to Tino to save him. Suddenly, Jim heard the gifted dog barking wildly…


Jim and Karen followed the sounds of the barking, and when they finally found Tino, there, stuck in deep mud, was Puppy! But, now came the difficult part of extracting the 150-pound dog…

Jim laid sticks across the mud so they could reach Puppy. The gunk was super thick, but using several ropes, Jim and Karen were able to slowly maneuver the dog out onto firm land. 

After being stuck in the mud for more than an entire day, Puppy was finally free! Just look at the face on Tino! It’s almost as if he knew he saved the day. 

As you can imagine, Puppy found it difficult to stand on his own because of the weight of the mud. Not only that, but he was also an elderly dog, and the entire ordeal took a toll on him. 

It seemed like a near-impossible task when Jim and Karen first found Puppy, but with enough strength and determination, they saved his life!

Karen attached a little trailer to her ATV and gave Puppy a ride back! The dog looked plenty exhausted as he was chauffeured back home, but rest assured, he was even more relieved.

Not long after Puppy was safe back at home, Karen gave a Skype interview with a local news station where she basically said if it wasn’t for Tino, she probably would never have seen Puppy again. She was one grateful dog owner!

It must have been such a terrifying experience for Puppy to lose his owner and find himself neck deep in heavy mud. The next time Karen takes a horseback ride through the wilderness, he might think twice about joining her!

Tino’s first mission was a total success. We’re sure he will go on to be a fantastic search and rescue dog!

Jim saw the potential in Tino, and it’s a good thing he did! Puppy the Great Pyrenees and Karen can’t thank him enough.

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