Senior Dogs Get Her Forever Home On Christmas


Countless of senior dogs were abandoned or surrendered to shelters by their owners every year. Unfortunately for a 14 year-old lab-mix named Peanut, her former owner no longer wanted her around. Just right after Thanksgiving, her former owner brought Peanut to Dallas Animal Services and requested for her to be euthanized.

Poor Peanut was then brought to kennel, where she soon realized that she had been abandoned by her owner. The senior dog couldn’t help but express her sadness on her face, which was evident in the photo. Peanut was in a terrible condition, she was thin and had only 2 teeth left. Not only that, she also suffers from arthritis and was found to be heart-worm positive. News about Peanut’s story soon went viral on social media, especially on Facebook. Not long after, Peanut’s photo caught the attention of a man named Tommy Bull, who lived in Crowley, Texas.

senior dogs

When Bull saw Peanut’s photo, it looked like she had given up on her life. Determined to adopt her, Bull quickly contacted CAMO Rescue, who made arrangements to pick up Peanut from the shelter. Peanut had to be carried out as she was a little wobbly on her feet.

Bull gave Peanut a welcoming hug when they met and drove her back home with him. Bull and his wife renamed her Ettie and introduced her to their family dogs, who were formerly rescue dogs themselves. Ettie got along with the rest of the couple’s dogs and was given plenty of TLC.

The couple gave her plenty of nutritious food to help her regain her healthy weight. Ettie was also given medication for her arthritis and heart-worm infection. Ettie is now enjoying her senior life in her forever home, where she gets the love she deserves.

Bull wants to encourage the public to adopt a senior dog, stating: “What they give back to you is so incredible. We can tell how grateful she is for every meal, every pet. Her life matters to us. If you can open up your heart and try, they’re so thankful. I can feel it, you can feel it, it’s very rewarding.”