Frightened PitBull Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Before — See How She Has Transformed!

Frightened PitBull

Frightened PitBull or Stray dogs normally would have very few interactions with humans that are positive. Most dogs have known nothing else other than abuse, or getting ignored all the time.

All those negative influences scars dogs, so much so that they would never truly be able to act like a canine who trusts humanity. Eldad Hagar, who runs Hope For Paws, a rescue based in Los Angeles, California, aims to change their mind by rescuing them off the streets. One particular case concerns a young Pit Bull, who was terrified of him and his staff when they first met her.

After a phone call, Eldad walked around the neighborhood until he spotted the dog taking cover at a nearby garage. Staff also stretched a soccer net across the open garage for assistance. The Pit Bull tried to run, but Eldad managed to stop her with his catch pole. The dog was visibly shaking, yelping out of fright. Patience was greatly needed in getting this pup to trust them.

Very carefully and slowly, Edgar started to pet her with a dummy arm. She was still petrified, but she never bit anyone and allowed them to slip a leash on her. Once they got her to a nearby animal clinic, she started to relax. Surrounded by care and love for the first time, the dog (named Eden) learnt to trust and smile – see how she has transformed!

Watch the amazing rescue, courtesy of Hope For Paws and The Dodo, in the video below!

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