Beagles poisoned with pesticides and drugs

Beagles poisoned with pesticides and drugs

When you buy one of the newest beauty products that helps you look more appealing do you ever consider how many animals suffer in the process of its testing? Huge companies are paying med labs to conduct various painful experiments and tests of their chemicals on different animals. The recent case that shook the country and the world comes from a laboratory in Michigan. Currently, 36 beagles are being placed there, kept in tiny cages, undergoing horrific ordeals. 

It’s been said that roughly 60,000 dogs share the same destiny as these poor beagles each year in the U.S. and the numbers are devastating, as well as the fact they are treated like objects. 

The dogs are being constantly poisoned with pesticides, ingested with drugs, and suffer painful and unnecessary surgeries through which devices are being implanted inside their bodies. After the testing period that lasts around a year ends, the pups are euthanized. 

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) managed to infiltrate in the lab where tests for Dow Chemical are done to 21 beagles. These tests include cutting open the dogs’ chests and chemical substances being poured inside their bodies. It does look as shocking as it sounds.

Among the mistreated dogs, there was a beagle named Harvey. Unfortunately, his miserable life ended that day, and according to a report by HSUS  “on the day Harvey was euthanized, he was let out of his cage for a few minutes to run around on the floor — that day was ‘the best life he knew,’ one lab employee observed.”

The Dow Chemical was contacted regarding this barbaric case of dog abuse to which they responded how these tests have to be done on dogs to make sure the pesticides and fungicides aren’t too toxic.