Black Lab Lives All Alone In An Abandoned Home For Months, Officials Say They Can’t Intervene



Deborah Freeman from Springfield, Illinois, says that whenever she and her neighbors pass by the home of the black Lab mix named Lola, she greets them by staring out of the window. And although this looks like a sweet sight to witness, the truth behind this home and this dog is quite disturbing.

Namely, Lola leaves all by her self and her place smells of urine and feces. Her neighbors are concerned for her well-being as there is no heat during the cold winters, and no air-conditioning in the summer.

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Unfortunately, it seems like nothing could be done as officials say they are not allowed to get her out of there. They say that the law states how a dog is not considered abandoned as long as they have access to shelter, food, and water.

Animal control officers say they check on Lola every day and make sure she’s doing fine. They also say how they believe her owner stops by every now and then and brings her food and water. The neighbors, on the other hand, say they have never seen anyone getting in or bringing any food.

“The whole neighborhood is upset,” Freeman said. “We were worried about her when it got up to 104 heat index because there’s no heat or air conditioning to help her. The feces and smell, I don’t know how she stands it.”

The officials added that they are taking notes of Lola’s condition and they will only take action if they notice that her overall condition declines. For the time being, they claim she’s playful and happy. And that’s something the neighbors don’t agree with.

During the town meeting, Councilman Matthew Simpson stated, “It’s something that I think is disturbing wherever it happens. I think there need to be some standards when it comes to shelter and proper care.”

According to the public records, the home where Lola stays all by herself belongs to a man who is diseased and no one knows what life would bring for this sweet Lab.

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