Cats Living In Basement For 3 Years Finally Find Forever Home



Meet Buddy and Rocky, two sweet cats who were stuck in a dark basement for three years. They had to live with a water heater and furnace, and they most likely never saw the sun. Thankfully, an animal rescue organization in northern Illinois called  Purrfect Cat Rescue heard about the cats’ situation and went to rescue them.

When the rescue organization arrived at the basement, they quickly grabbed the kittens and picked them into a truck. The rescuers took the cats to their shelter, where they saw sunlight for the first time in years. And here they began their journey to get back health and learn to love again.

“Buddy the ginger was cage aggressive to start (he does not like to be restrained) but quickly relaxed and settled in. Once out of the cage, he hasn’t stopped purring, rubbing, and talking!” the shelter wrote on their Facebook page.

For two months in the shelter, Buddy and Rocky became friendlier with the other cats, and they were ready to be adopted by a human of their own. So, the shelter started looking for the forever home for them. Finally, in June 2019, Purrfect Cat Rescue found a right home for the two bonded cats.

“Congrats to two of our favorite boys! Buddy and Rocky, the two kitties kept in a dark basement for 3 years have gone to their forever home! Our hearts are so happy tonight, they deserve the best! Thank you so much for giving them a new home and a new life!”

The duo was adopted by a sweet gentleman who really loved them and understood that they needed to live together. He took the cats to his home and promised he would take care of them and give them a happy home.

The Purrfect Cat Rescue Inc team will miss Buddy and Rocky, but they still have to say goodbye them and move onto the next rescue. Congrats to Buddy, Rocky and their perfect new human! We hope that you will be happy in your new home.

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