Incredible moment children fight off a monster snake as it tries to kill their dog


In this video three young boys bravely take on a monster snake which coiled itself around the lower body and hind legs of the boy’s pet dog.

The older boy attempts to pin the snake’s head to the yard with a metal pole or table leg as the younger boys try to force the snake to loosen its vice-like grip on their fur brother by hurling large leaves at it.

The dog appears more dazed than distressed,  while the boys battle the monster snake for the love of the dog.

monster snake As one boy finally pins the snake’s head to the grass the other two begin uncoiling the monster snake.  

At first job seems monumental and that the boys are not going to be able to save their pup.

The boys focus on turning the dog’s body from side to side. This helps throw the reptile off but only part of the snake is torn away from the dog.

Working together they grab the snake by bo

th ends, pulling in opposite directions to eventually weaken its hold.  They hold it just long enough for the dog to become free.

monster snake

The constrictor is longer than the height of the oldest boy (nearly 5 foot) 

monster snake

The dog comes away unharmed from his near death experience. No one knows where the snake slithered off to.

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