Short spine syndrome dog without neck | Dog with short spine born with extremely no neck


Cooper, an American foxhound, is a unique pooch. He is one of only a few dogs in the world that lives with short dog with short spine without neck or Short spine syndrome dog 

What is short spine syndrome dog without neck or dog with short spine?

Short spine syndrome dog is a genetic condition where the vertebrae are severely compressed, occasionally they are even fused together. It is believed the condition is caused by inbreeding.

Back in 2017, a puppy, who was only two months old at the time, was discovered abandoned close to Halifax, Virginia. The local animal control took charge and brought the dog to Secondhand Hounds, a shelter located in Minnesota.

Elly and Andy Keegan stepped forward to become foster parents to the puppy, named Cooper that is felling short spine syndrome dog without necks or Short spine syndrome dog. Despite facing difficulties in terms of mobility, they dedicated themselves to helping Cooper enhance his overall well-being.

short spine syndrome dog

Upon Cooper’s initial arrival at the Keegan’s residence, he unfortunately experienced a fall that resulted in multiple fractures in his neck. However, this setback did not dampen Cooper’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. Additionally, a few months later, he faced another challenge in the form of a bone infection. Despite these obstacles, Cooper’s spirits remained undeterred.

Elly, when interviewed by Fox News, mentioned that Cooper underwent a surgical procedure to improve his bathroom functions, which has significantly reduced his care requirements. As a result, Cooper has become quite self-sufficient and low-maintenance in that aspect.

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Following six months of dedicated care for Cooper, the Keegans made the decision to put him up for adoption. Elly had full confidence that this incredibly joyful dog would garner numerous adoption applications from potential loving homes.

“Nobody wanted to adopt Cooper,” she told The Dodo. “And then we got an applicant. I think I broke down every other hour. I was like, ‘Andy, I don’t know what we’re going to do!’ I couldn’t imagine just handing him over and saying, ‘Ok, now be Cooper’s family.’”

They decided to adopt Cooper themselves.

dog without neck
(Facebook/Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love)

Although he struggled in the beginning and still encounters some hiccups, Cooper is living his life to the fullest and helping his new forever home do the same.

“With our other rescues, there was no getting-to-know you period,” Elly said. “It was a family from the beginning.”

American foxhound
(Facebook/Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love)

Elly expressed her deep sadness over the unfortunate reality that many dogs with dog with short spine or Short spine syndrome dog or conditions similar to Cooper’s are often euthanized. She emphasized that these dogs have so much life left to live, which deeply saddens her. Cooper, on the other hand, serves as a true testament to the resilience and potential for a happy life despite his challenges. He now enjoys a joyful and normal existence, serving as a cherished member of the Keegan family.

dog without neck
(Facebook/Cooper – Short On Spine, Big On Love)

You can keep up with Short spine syndrome Cooper’s adventures on his Facebook page. If you can’t get enough of this sweet pooch who is “short on spine or dog with short spine, big on love, share this article with your friends.