Tiniest stray puppy manages to survive even after falling from the sky


This is the miraculous story of the little survivor who stole the hearts of millions of people worldwide. His life is one incredible adventure that reminds us how we should never give up no matter the rough times we face.

One day, as a group of construction workers from Texas were on the job they heard some strange noises that resembled animal’s whimpering. They quickly checked around the side but the animal was nowhere to be seen. The real surprise was revealed when they finally figured out where the voice was coming from.

Tiniest stray puppy
Austin Animal Center

Everyone was deeply shocked when they saw a hawk flying around carrying a tiny puppy in the clutch.

They were all concerned for the puppy’s faith, and as they were considering ways of saving the little one, what they feared most happened. The hawk let go of the dog who hit the ground.

Austin Animal Center

The workers started running like crazy hoping to save the puppy. They immediately took him to the vet’s who told them the little survivor was going to be alright.