Fitting a Cat flap in Glass, Double Glazing or Cavity Brick Wall


As a productive cat fold fitter, I regularly get posed the inquiry of what is ideal – fitting a feline fold in a block cavity divider or through glass/twofold coating? Obviously, as a prepared glazer I am constantly one-sided towards glass establishment. Fitting a cat flap fitter in glass , has numerous favorable circumstances as opposed to experiencing a divider.

One bit of leeway of fitting a feline fold through block is that it’s conceivable it very well may be done DIY with the right force apparatuses and range of abilities, while introducing a feline fold through a twofold coated window can’t. I have recently composed a blog on why you can’t slice through existing twofold coated units to fit a feline fold and why another sheet of glass/twofold coating must be made. Click here

A DIY feline fold introduce through your hole divider may appear from the outset a conspicuous answer for the issue of permitting the feline access by means of a feline fold. Be cautioned that it is untidy, tedious and can be unpleasant. Likewise, it is fundamental that for wellbeing and security reasons, you are sure that no administrations/wiring are available in the divider before you endeavor to exhaust out the brickwork.

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On the off chance that are not sure about your DIY aptitudes to fit a feline fold through a divider yourself, at that point I’m in no uncertainty you should talk with a certified developer to do it for you. Which again will at present be chaotic, tedious and can be more costly than introducing a feline fold in glass.


With a feline fold in glass establishment, the fitting can be quick and is a lot of more clean. With next to zero residue or flotsam and jetsam to clean up. Glass establishments are generally more financially savvy than experiencing brickwork and the feline will profit by having the option to see through the glass to detect any potential perils/menaces before it exits.

Points of interest of glass establishment

Another bit of leeway of introducing the feline fold through glass is that should you decide to move home later on, at that point the first sheet of glass can be returned to the edge rapidly and neatly for the new proprietors/inhabitants. Revamping the hole divider is significantly progressively troublesome, upsetting and costly.

In the event that you are an occupant, at that point a proprietor will never permit you to fit a feline fold through a depression divider because of a paranoid fear of dilapidating the structure. This isn’t an issue with fitting a feline fold in glass as by the idea of glass introduces, the casing is intended to be opened so glass can be changed and can without much of a stretch be corrected (unique glass set back in once more) before you move out.

Moreover, some potential house purchasers will be opposed to buying a home with a gap in the hole divider. Another bit of leeway of placing the first sheet of glass back in is that you can take your feline fold with you to your new home setting aside you cash on buying another feline fold. Additionally you never know, you may luck out, and the sheet of glass with an opening in it might fit into an edge in your new property.

Regarding heat misfortune there is no distinction in either, both feline fold establishment alternatives will be drafty as feline folds are naturally and unfortunately are not very vitality productive I have recently composed an inside and out blog regarding this matter please read more on this by clicking here.

A great deal of present day houses are currently made with about 25% more glass. Frequently, introducing into a glass window or entryway is a simple alternative. A few homes have floor to roof glass however you might be fortunate and locate a little side board which would be ideal for a feline fold fitting.

On the off chance that experiencing a divider is your favored course or just alternative you have for your home I unequivocally encourage you to talk with a certified manufacturer first. Continuously guarantee they have pertinent structure understanding, capabilities, protection and that they can conform to all structure guidelines

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