Dog Protected Her Pregnant Mom For 9 Months And Meets A Baby For The First Time


Watch this dog’s reaction as he meets a new family member…

When introducing a newborn baby for the first time, family dogs will react differently according to their personality. Some might be curious of the new addition to the family, some will react with joy on seeing a new family member and others might even react aggressively out of jealousy. A couple living in Dublin, Ireland, named Eddie and Yvonne Walsh wanted to introduce their newborn baby to their chihuahua but they were initially unsure of how she would react. Their chihuahua, Quica, had been protective of her mom for the past 9 months due to Yvonne’s pregnancy.

Yvonne had also decided to document the whole reaction on video to capture Quica’s reaction while Eddie introduced their newborn son, Nicholas, to her. What Quica did next, surprised the couple.

Quica immediately rolled on her back, signaling her submission to Nicholas. This meant that Quica would not be any trouble to the baby, she even started to sniff Nicholas in order to recognize his scent as a part of the family.

Quica’s reaction delighted the couple and knew that they were going to be the best of friends. The couple stated that Quica now stands watch over Nicholas’ crib and alerts them whenever he cries. Quica also follows wherever Nicholas goes and still maintains her gentle behavior around him. A loyal friend indeed!

What did you think of Quica’s reaction to the newborn? Watch the full video of her reaction below!

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