People Though This Swiss Man Was Crazy As He Left His Prestigious Job And Moved To Africa To Do A Dangerous Work – PAWS PLANET



I think that you have read many stories about people who decide to give up everything such as their comfort, luxury flat, a prestigious job with high salary and other benefits to escape from the ordinary, to travel around the world and to do what they really want.
We have to admit that we envy those people for their courage, we think they’re lucky because they had the right conditions or simply had enough money to do that. However, 26-year-old Swiss man Dean Schneider proves that you don’t need to have factors that mentioned above to live your dream. The only thing that you need is courage.
Dean Schneider left his whole life behind to pursue his passion and make the world a better place. More than a year ago, he left his job as a financial planner in Switzerland, sold everything he had at that moment and moved to South Africa to rescue mutilated animals.
His love for animals started since he was a child, he was always fascinated by the animal world, therefore, all things about animals have always been a big part of his life. That is why he decided to found the Hakuna Mipaka club to help lions born in captivity. The name of the club is ‘Hakuna Mipaka’ – is a Swahili expression meaning ‘no limits’. It derives from five core values that Dean endeavors to follow every day: freedom, loyalty, appreciation, brotherhood, and boldness.
He dedicates his life protecting wildlife, building a special bond with them and spreading his love to people because he says “we only protect what we love”. Besides, Schneider also learns to understand wild animals and educates people by showing the beauty of the wildlife and wonderful creatures on his Instagram.
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