Scared Stray Cat Slowly Turns Into A Cuddly And Sweet Kitten



Food and attention are the main reasons a stray cat will visit your home. So when Lex spotted a stray outside his door, he knew that he needed to do something to help the cat. He decided to rescue the cat and become his new best friend.

Lex met the cat after he moved into his new house. The cat was hungry and probably a little scared. He had nowhere to go and needed help. For this reason, Lex started to leave food outside for the cat.

The cat was so grateful, but he didn’t trust people. When he saw Lex, he would freak out and run away. However, Lex didn’t mind! He still left food every day. And eventually, Lex’s efforts paid off, the cat got a little less scared of him and didn’t run away when seeing him.

Although the cat was not scared of Lex, he still refused to come into the house. So, Lex built a house filled with soft blankets outside for the cat! And of course, the cat loved the little house so much.

Then the best thing happened. The cat came right up to the doorway and decided to become a part of Lex’s family. Lex was so happy and gave him a name: Cinnabon!

Watch the video here:

Cinnabon still loves being outside and exploring everything, but he always comes home. Because he knows that Lex loves him, and he loves Lex, too. From being a stray cat, Cinnabon now becomes Lex’s cat. He is loved and cared for by the great owner who will do everything to make him happy and healthy.

Special thanks to Lex & Cinnabon. If you love them, you can follow them on Instagram.

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