Sick, bald dog makes incredible transformation At the Florida Vet Clinic


The day Dobby was brought at the Florida vet clinic run by Concerned Citizens For Animal Welfare is a day none of the staff would ever forget. As the poor soul walked in with his owner, the vets looked at each other and agreed how they’ve never seen a dog in such a horrible shape. Although he was brought in for vaccination, it was obvious he was in need of much more than that. His skin was raw and red and he was in so much pain.


One of the vet technicians, a girl named Sara Harper, knew she shouldn’t let the dog return home with his careless owner who admitted it was the first time in five years for Dobby to get a medical check-up.  

bald dog

“We were horrified at his malnourished condition,” Harper told The Dodo. “Along with his whole body raw and bloody, his feet were too, and toenails grown so long they curled into his paw pads. She admitted her flea treatment all the years she had him was pouring a flea powder meant for carpet and to be vacuumed up. She said she did not want to spend money on him. I begged her as a rescuer to surrender him, and she agreed immediately.”

Harper was given a green light by the doctors to take Dobby to her clinic and treat his poor health condition. Something had to be done real quick in order for all the suffering to come to an end as soon as possible. Harper started the healing process by giving sweet Dobby a bath and trimming his nails. She then proceeded treating him with medications. The most amazing thing was that the dog never complained. It looked as though he felt it was all for his sake and well-being.

“He sat there with love in his little eyes — like he knew he had finally been saved,” Harper said.

Shortly after he started feeling better, Dobby was transferred at the Pawsibilities Rescue, an organization that continued nurturing him and treating his skin condition. Hopefully, the frequent medical baths he was getting would help his fur grow back again. He was on his way to full recovery one step at a time. Slowly, but steadily, Dobby was getting to a brand new life, free of misery.

One day, the serendipitous encounter with his new owner took place when a woman named Liz Ford visited the shelter to pick up a dog named Wylie. As she was waiting to get him, she saw Dobby’s picture and learned more about his life. This made her consider adopting him too, as she recently lost her two senior dogs and Dobby was the sweetest dog she’s ever seen. 

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw him,” Ford told The Dodo. “While waiting for Wylie to heal enough to be adopted, I kept tabs on little Dobby. When I went to pick up Wylie, I was sitting on the floor at the rescue worker’s home and Dobby came and curled up in my lap. I pretty much knew then that he would be coming to live with us.”

Liz proceeded with the idea of welcoming Dobby in her life, so four months after she first laid eyes on him, she filled the adoption papers. The dog that was in the worst health condition the vets have ever seen was now part of a family that loved him very much. He and his sibling Wylie got along just perfectly and love running around together. At the time Dobby was adopted, his skin still needed constant care, and his family was more than happy to continue with his treatments. How their love and care helped this sweet dog’s transformation is incredible.

Dobby is now completely covered in fur. It’s white and fluffy, and it suits him perfectly. We are so happy this sweet soul got his happy ending and turned into the happiest dog.

“They healed his body and soul,” Harper said. “Looking at him now you would never know what he had been through! It was a village that came together to save him. He is a lucky, handsome boy with the best owners ever.”

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