Woman Follows Abandoned Dog, And Found Puppies In A Sewn-Up Pillowcase


A woman was on the road back home in Watertown, New York when she spotted an anxious lost dog seeking for help. It was a Rottweiler mix, thin and frightened yet desperate for any aid anyone could provide. She quickly pulled over and approached the nervous dog. The woman had tried to get the dog to come into her car with her, but it simply refused. It was trying to lead her to somewhere, or something.

When the female dog realized that the woman was willing to follow her, she led her rescuer to a sewn-up pillowcase. The pillowcase was moving, much to the woman’s shock. She helped remove the stitches on the pillowcase – lo and behold, 12 puppies were found inside!

All of their umbilical cords were still attached on their bodies. It was extremely evident that they were newborns, and they needed urgent medical attention. They were quickly rushed to the Jefferson County SPCA for aid.

The team named her Raven, and all but one puppy responded well to the medical care provided. The remaining eleven puppies only had a flea infestation, nothing else was too serious. Raven was also reportedly in better shape ever since her rescue.

The SPCA has already found forever loving homes for all 11 pups and even for Raven herself, thanks to social media. All of the puppies would remain with their mom until they reach 7 to 8 weeks old.

lost dog

Raven and her puppies are currently placed in a foster home owned by Brittany Conklin, who quickly volunteered to take them in after hearing of their plight. Raven is still a bit anxious according to her, but she’s starting to relax more as the days go by.

This case is under investigation by the Jefferson County Police Department, in the hope that their team would be able to find the culprit responsible for Raven and her pups – none of them had neither a microchip nor collar. Hopefully the culprit would be caught soon, and justice would be served.

lost dog

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