10 Wolfs attack on only one omega wolf!


Wolfs attack on only one omega wolf!

Wolfs attack
Wolfs attack

!!! I’m a visitor in this zoo and i saw Wolfs attack please note this fact !!!

I personally have a very deep respect for these wonderful creatures, I don’t like to see an animal suffer, just like anyone else. But this behavior is a part of the pack to became stronger every day, Its a Wolfs attack. it’s in their nature, we all must accept it.

Wolfs attack
Wolfs attack

After a few weeks that omega wolf recovered well, checked him myself.

You can see the video…

What do you think? If the pack had wanted that omega Wolf dead they would have killed him. Just the pack members jostling for power.

But I do not think so. I think If the wolves wanted it to die, they would’ve done more damage than they did in the video. There is no way the wolf could’ve died from those minor injuries. If they did, then it was either because a wolf/the wolves had rabies, or some other disease, which would’ve been taken care of by the staff and veterinarians before-hand. The wolves only wanted to make sure the wolf knew its place, and potentially kill it.

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