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Building a better world for all of us begins with a few simple actions. Therefore, since the 1930s, American Humane has organized a “Be Kind to Animals” week in hopes of inspiring millions of Americans to come together and show their compassion to build a more humane world for animals. Over a century later, “Be Kind to Animals” week is still celebrated annually during the first full week of May. This event is known as the oldest commemorative week in U.S. history and the nation’s longest-running, most successful humane education campaign. It is supported by U.S. Presidents, First Ladies and top celebrities. And with their help, people understand better than ever the crucial importance of caring for our animal friends.

In “Be Kind To Animals” week, everyone shared posters about how they take care of animals. These adorable posters used artist’s Morgan Dennis’ work who was already known for his drawings, especially of dogs. Each poster had an example of an animal being taken care of by a friendly child. The main objective of the posters was to spread the message that people should love and respect animals in a better way.

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