Even After Few Years Squirrel Still Visits Man Who Rescued Him


Do animals think about us as much as we think about them? Chances are, they spend more time sleeping or finding food than keeping tabs on the two-legged monsters that scurry around them. But sometimes nature can surprise you.

In 2014, one man saved a helpless creature from the wild. He never expected anything in return for his generosity, but the animal repaid him in ways that nobody could have predicted.

Allen Pursley always loved animals. He lived in Lewisville, Texas with two dogs and a cat. However, his pet horizons were about to expand in a way he never saw coming.

Following a long day at the gym, where Allen worked as a cycling instructor, he headed home to relax. But he found something unusual in his living room.

Instagram / Allen Pursley

It was a baby squirrel, one that appeared to be just a few weeks old! The creature was totally helpless, as its eyes hadn’t even opened up yet.


A passerby saw it fall from a nest in a nearby tree, but there was no obvious way to return it to its home. So how did it wind up on Allen’s doorstep?

Wikimedia Commons

Fortunately, his then-husband worked at a veterinary clinic and took over care of the squirrel once a kind stranger brought it in. He then took it home to personally oversee its recovery.

Allen never expected his heart to melt for a squirrel, but that’s exactly what happened. As he helped nurse the little guy back to health, Allen found himself spending more and more time with the squirrel.

YouTube / RoscoCoon

Of course, his dogs were a little bit jealous, but they were also quite curious about the new friend who joined the household. They’d never seen a squirrel inside their house before!

Allen named their guest after pop culture’s most famous squirrel: Rocky, from the cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle. Allen coined a ton of nicknames for Rocky as well, including Squirrelito, Sweet Squirrel, and Squiggidy-Boo.

Rocky and Allen bonded over the next several weeks, and he filled his social media accounts with adorable photos and videos of his squirrel pal.


Of course, Rocky still got pretty wild from time to time and climbed on off-limits areas, like the counters and drapes. Allen had just the solution, however. He ‘squirrel-proofed’ a closet to be Rocky’s own personal spot!

But the fateful day came when Rocky was mature and healthy. It was time to return him to his rightful place — the wild.


Although Allen tried to set Rocky free, the squirrel was having none of that. He spent too much time inside and around humans, so Rocky was now permanently an indoor animal.

Honestly, that development was fine by Allen. He could take the chance to teach Rocky more tricks and make him more comfortable in their home. 

Allen built Rocky his own little house to sleep in, though Rocky still spends most of his time with Allen. Rocky won’t even let anyone else pick him up!

As a result of his taming, Rocky is far calmer than your average squirrel. Allen says his demeanor is almost like a cat’s, if you can believe it. 

Flickr / Anwar Hu

And that’s not all that Rocky has in common with felines. He’s also completely trained to use a litter box! That must have saved Allen a ton of cleaning bills.

YouTube / Galaxy Squirrels

Rocky still has an outlet for his wild side too. He befriended a few outside squirrels that regularly visit him. Allen constructed Rocky an outdoor shelter so he can spend more time with them.

Flickr / Paul Noden

Allen has become a bit of a local celebrity for his squirrel obsession. A friend even painted this portrait of Rocky for him, and it hangs in a place of honor in his home.

Instagram / Allen Pursley

Allen also makes sure to incorporate Rocky into every season and holiday possible. This squirrel jack-o-lantern is all treats, no tricks!

Instagram / Allen Pursley

Rocky and Allen continue to live happily together years after their first meeting. While Allen will certainly let the squirrel return to nature if he wants, it doesn’t look like Rocky is going anywhere soon!

Instagram / Allen Pursley

Rocky certainly is a one-of-a-kind pet! Even other tamed squirrels can’t hold a candle to his unique personality.

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