A Man Got Presents From The Family of Crows He Fed for Years



The connection between humans and animals has always been a fascinating one. But as it’s not that uncommon for people to be friends with canines and felines, bonding with crows and similar kinds of birds is pretty special.

A man named Stuart Dahlquist took to Twitter to share his incredible story that involves a family of crows and lots of gifts. His affection for birds started when he was very young, and now he experienced what it feels like for them to love him back. They showed their appreciation to Stuart for feeding them in the most unique way possible. By bringing him presents.

Dahlquist said,

“Crows are amazing creatures and I’ve always felt this way since I was a boy. Birds – all kinds – have been a real focal part of my life; I love watching them, listening to their calls, identifying them… Oh! And helping them if they need help. I’m not a real ‘birder’ with high powered binoculars or anything like that but they play an outsized role in my enjoyment of life.”

He added,

“They nest in a large douglas fir tree that’s in our front yard and we could hear the babies when the parents would feed them. One day I found both babies had fallen to the ground, almost able to fly but not quite. We got them into a tree and the parents – pretty angry with us actually – took it from there and the little ones survived. We began feeding them soon after.”

His friends share how he helped crows in the past too.

Everyone really loved what the crows’ did for Stuart and they know its a result of his dedication towards them.

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