Some Adorably Weird Creatures Whose Unusual Appearance Actually Makes Them Even More Lovable


While every Weird Creatures or animal is fascinating in its own way, whether they’re cute or not depends entirely on who you ask. Pretty much every pet owner thinks their scaled, feathery, or furry friend is the best in the whole world, and guess what — they’re all right!

Because as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and every animal brings that special something to the table that makes us all go aww. While these 20 animal species and individuals have all been called “weird looking” or even “ugly,” we prefer to call them something else: unique and totally awesome…

1. Beaux Tox: Named for his face, which his owners thought looked like it’d had one too many Botox injections, this yellow lab has had no plastic surgery. His cranium just caved in a bit while he was in his mamma’s crowded womb. That certainly hasn’t altered his ability to love humans and other dogs though!

2. Tardar Sauce: We all know this internet sensation as Grumpy Cat, but he’s actually not grumpy at all! (Well, no grumpier than any other house cat is). She suffers from feline dwarfism as well as an underbite, which earned her a lot of fans.

3. Blobfish: In the water, these guys have fins and tails — they look more like your prototypical fish. Take them out of the water and let gravity do some work, however, and you get this creature, named the world’s ugliest animal in 2013.

4. Princess Abby: This royal canine’s hind legs were longer than her front legs, one of her eyes doesn’t open, and her ears are mismatched. All this got her crowned The World’s Ugliest Dog” in 2010.

5. Llama: This llama could use a dental plan, some braces, and maybe a haircut, too, unless he’s trying to look like Andy Warhol near the end of his life. Still, this guy is totally charming, and his peculiar looks are no prob-llama for him!

6. Kenny: As zoos, exotic pet stores, and consumers, have increased the demand for white tigers, breeders have attempted to recreate the ideal white tiger by relying on a limited pool. As a result, Kenny was born with down syndrome. He’s still a treasure, though.

7. Quasi Modo: If you’ve ever seen the Hunchback of Notre Dame, you’ll understand how this dog got her name. Her short spine syndrome doesn’t make her any less good of a friend, and after she won a dog contest, everyone wanted a paw from her! !

8. Naked Mole Rat: These oddly adorable and sometimes totally blind creatures use their hairs to navigate. The Disney show Kim Possible boosted these creatures to the forefront of the public mind.

9. Star Nosed Mole: Sticking with the mole family, this species earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for their foraging speeds — but don’t expect it to win any beauty contests.

10. Cat: Perhaps this cat stole that bunny’s ears because we’re pretty sure kitties are only supposed to have two! Some people have teased this cat, saying her second pair are demon horns, but they’re probably just jealous of this one’s purrfect hearing.

11. Doug: This pup has been dubbed Britain’s ugliest dog, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also be adorable! He was originally named Ug (ugh), but once he was adopted, his new owner changed his name to Doug because she didn’t find him ugly at all.

12. Elwood: He’s a Chinese Crested/Chihuahua breed and the 2007 winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, as well as the runner-up in the contest the year before. Most people just think he looks like a tough punk rocker, though.

13. The Proboscis Monkey: Some people mock this monkey for its large, bulbous nose. This nose, however, is the tool it uses to attract mates — and it is endearing, in a monkeyish kind of way.

14. Angora rabbit: These guys are supposed to be extremely fluffy, but not up to the point where they can no longer see, hear or, move! This rabbit’s fur grew a little out of hand, but the good news is, once he finally gets a trim, there will be enough fluff for any animals born without a coat!

15. Rabbit: At first this might seem like a regular old guinea pig, but it’s actually a bunny born without ears! As ears are a bunny’s most prominent feature, this gal’s owner actually creates her some homemade ears to wear, but this bunny looks precious either way.

16. Multi-legged sheep: Genetic mutations are quite common in sheep — they’re often exposed to toxins that alter the fetuses while still in the womb. Therefore, you can find quite a bunch of sheep and goats with more than 4 legs in the world.

17. Sam: This cat always looks a little sad and confused, and his owner guarantees that he’s actually pretty laid back. He just happens to have a pretty comical pattern in his fur! It probably doesn’t hurt when he begs for more Friskies, though.

18. Cow: They’re already considered sacred among Indian Hindu people — but a 3-eyed cow? That takes the cake! Add the fact that Hindu god Lord Shiva has a third eye as well, and you can imagine how many people are fawning over this pretty girl. 

19. The Woolly Bat: Found in Asia, these guys generally lurk in forests and hang above a carnivorous plant called Nepenthes hemsleyana. The plant provides shelter, and the bat, by way of its droppings, provides the plant nitrogen.

20. The Aye-Aye: Some say it’s ridiculously ugly; others say it’s ridiculously adorable. All are in agreement that this lemur relative is an impressive grub finder, thanks to long, black bony fingers.

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