Cat Receives The Sweetest Letter From A Secret Admirer



Image Source: The Dodo

Chips the cat was enjoying a day at home, much like any other pet would. Her mother Karen Miele was not having a very good week and she needed to be cheered up. Chips is the type of cat who is always able to turn frowns upside down. This day was no different. She’s got a devil may care attitude that makes her the apple of her mother’s eye. These two certainly have an amazing connection.

Image Source: The Dodo

Karen knew that her cat would be able to lift her spirits. What she did not know was that a letter was on the way. It was a letter that would change her whole life. Chips enjoys looking out the window of her home, much like any other cat. As it turns out, she had a secret admirer who wanted to make sure that she knew she was very much appreciated.

Image Source: The Dodo

Chips is an eye catching cat by nature. Little did her mother know, she was impacting the lives of the rest of her community. A woman named Jean sent the family a note. She let them know that she could always see Chips in the window. Jean even shared a photograph with the family, making sure to let them know that the photo was taken within the past year.

Image Source: The Dodo

Karen took a picture of the letter and shared it with her Twitter followers. While Twitter is home to some of the snarkiest souls on the Internet, there is still an audience for earnest tweets like this one. Karen’s week was further improved when she was able to share this message with a much wider platform. The tweet went viral almost immediately.

Image Source: The Dodo

When she first posted the letter, Karen thought she would get “5 likes” at most. That is how it works for most of us. Jean does not have Twitter and did not know how much this gesture had meant to Karen. Finally, her neighbor ended up seeing the tweet. Jean was alerted to the popularity of Karen’s post. She never could have imagined how much this simple letter would mean to this woman.

Image Source: The Dodo

If someone is feeling down, there is no telling what the smallest gesture will do for their spirits. Everyone wants to be considered. Jean was invited to Karen’s house soon after the tweet went viral. Now, she will have the chance to spend time with Chips in person. The world would be a much better place if everyone thought like Jean and Karen do.

Source: The Dodo

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