Cat With Rare Condition Is So Excited When Someone Adopts Him And His Best Friend



Toby is a cat who is a bit different from all of the others. When his mother Georgina Price first met him, she could tell that he was very special. She decided that she was going to take him and his best friend home with her. Toby might be just six years old but he looks like a wizened old man. His unique appearance is caused by a very rare condition.

He suffers from feline cutaneous asthenia. This condition causes the skin of cats to suffer from fragile skin that is easily damaged. When this disease is found in humans, it is known as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.”It means that his body doesn’t produce collagen properly,” says Price. When these cats experience injuries, their bodies do not heal as easily.

Christopher Lardner is Georgina’s fiance and he fell in love with the cat almost immediately as well. Quinton is his best friend and he was found cowering behind him. Georgina first saw the animals while visiting the RSPCA website. She knew that she had to take them home. At first, Toby was afraid to even let Georgina touch him. He was clearly very afraid of humans.

Quinton had some teeth that needed to be pulled and so did Toby. These two were always by each other’s side and did not want to be apart. They were absolutely inseparable. The shelter knew that they could not be apart for any reason. Once Georgina saw their little faces, it was apparent that she was going to be their new mother.

The paperwork was filled out immediately, so that the animals would have the chance to be taken to Georgina’s. It took time for the cats to place their trust in their new owners. As Quinton’s confidence increased, so did Toby’s. He’s a kind cat and he tends to follow in Quinton’s footsteps. He needed some time before he was ready to truly make his presence known.

Toby now loves to come running every time that his mother is in the kitchen making food. If you would like to check out Toby in action, please be sure to check out the clip below. His playfulness is a sight to behold. While he may have been nervous at first, he has slowly broken out of his shell. Please share this awesome story with the animal lovers that you know. Kudos to Georgina for taking a chance on a cat that no one else would.

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