Circus Replaces Live Animals With Hypnotic Holograms For A Cruelty-Free Experience



Animal abuse has been cited a lot when it comes
to discussing circus entertainment. Many animal rights organizations have criticized
the institutions for exploiting and abusing animals through cruel punishments
just to get them to perform tricks.

It’s not uncommon for these circus animals to be
bred in captivity and spend their lives facing unnatural and often stressful
environments and situations. When they’re not being forced to perform, they’re
often kept locked up in cramped or poorly-ventilated conditions.

Such cruelty has been resulting in more calls
for bans of uses of animals in circuses as the years go by. But one forward-thinking
German circus has come up with an innovative way to still incorporate “animal
entertainment” without actually needing to take animals out of their natural
environments – or even have them present at circuses at all.

Circus Roncalli is the very first circus to
introduce the use of realistic-looking animal holograms, thus replacing the
need for real animals.

Instead of perpetuating the further abuse of
sentient beings for a couple of tricks in front of an audience, Circus Roncalli
will be using very striking three-dimensional holograms to give a very real
illusion that there are animals performing at the circus.

Optoma Corporation, the company that developed
the technology being used in this ground-breaking project, released a statement

“Roncalli wanted to create 3D holographic images from bright, reliable, long-lasting projectors to fill the circus arena measuring 32 meters wide and 5 meters deep with 360° visibility for the entire audience.”

Optoma Corporation added:

“Boasting superior color performance and 360° projection capability, Optoma’s ZU850 model with innovative MultiColor laser technology has assisted in creating a phenomenal experience for Roncalli circus visitors. Thousands of visitors now enjoy a modern, entertaining twist on the circus experience. With 360° projection of horses galloping around the arena and elephants doing headstands, the Roncalli circus experience is not one to miss.”

It’s looking like the future of circuses could be a cruelty-free one. And that is excellent news for everyone, especially the animals.

Sources: BoredPanda | Circus Roncalli

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