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That dogs and music go together just perfectly is something that we know all too well already, and one of the cutest videos depicting a Golden Retriever enjoying her dad’s guitar playing is just another proof of that.

Since the video of Bailey was first uploaded, it gathered over 14 million views throughout the years. Yes, it’s oldie but goldie and definitely a must watch.

Bailey and her human daddy Drew Cole clicked the moment they met, and their love and appreciation for good music was just one of the things they shared.

Golden Retrievers are known for their friendliness and vibrant personality. It is believed they are the most loved breed among Americans and make awesome pets.

Judging from Bailey, we’ll agree with this fact.

What is the cutest about this video isn’t the fact that the dog enjoys the tune, as we’ve seen other canines do so before, but her reaction when the music stops.

Believe it or not, this incredible moment these two shared, and which was thankfully caught on tape, helped Drew with his music career.

In fact, even before he knew it, thousands of people visited his music channel. Next thing, Drew competed on the 14th season of The Voice.

He left the show after a couple of rounds, but he’s still making music and performing around California. What’s most, he loves it.

But let’s get back to the video. Want to know why it stole so many hearts?

As Drew is playing the guitar, Bailey is all smiles and moves her head to the rhythm. She is all ears and doesn’t want to miss a single beat of what her dad has to offer so she keeps staring at him without even blinking.

However, once the music stops, Bailey gets all serious. She stops smiling and bobbing her head and looks at Drew as though she wants to ask him why he stops making her happy.

Sadly, years after the video of this amazing dog that put a smile on our face was posted online, Bailey passed away.

Drew posted a touching tribute about his best pal and said how she didn’t only make a dramatic impact on his music career, but his life as well.

“She’s now in doggy heaven bobbing her head to music forever. Bailey had a great life and I thank you all for being a part of it in some way. We will always remember her and the joy she gave the world.”

Rest in peace sweet angel, we hope you still enjoy music in Heaven.

Take a look at Bailey in the video below.


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