Daughter Asks Dad To Watch Her Dog, Gets The Perfect Texts From Him



Meghan Specksgoor and Chance the dog are the best of friends. Unfortunately, her obligations often take her away from her pal. Recently, she had to make a trip to New York City and needed a doggy babysitter while she was gone. She wanted to make sure that Chance did not have to stray too far from his home. Meghan was also reticent about bringing him to the city.

That’s when she elected to ask her dad to help out. After all, if you cannot ask your dad for help, who can you ask? Of course, Grandpa was sure to spoil his grandson. He gave Chance lots of treats and plenty of love. In essence, the dog got to do whatever he wanted. That was just fine with Meghan. She was just happy to see the two of them getting along so well!

Once she left town, she started to get some hilarious text messages. We are cackling at the idea of the dog asking what kind of take out they will get to have. Mom probably doesn’t allow him to eat that kind of junk but what are grandparents for, right? We hope that they went out for a nice, juicy cheeseburger. Or maybe Grandpa was willing to splurge for steaks?

Either way, they look psyched. This dog is even getting treated to ice cream. Grandpa was sure to text and ask which type his grandson likes best. Perhaps Meghan should start to travel out of town a little more regularly, so that these two will have more chances to spend time together. Grandpa even lets Chance sleep in the same bed with him.

We wonder if he read him Goodnight Moon, Harry and the Dirty Dog or both. Meghan is going to have a tough act to follow once she gets back home. This is one dog who is starting to get used to the VIP treatment. Once Meghan shared the messages with her followers on Twitter, they went viral right away. The users of Twitter certainly have impeccable taste.

Chance deserves the world after the tough start he had in life. He was once known as Chap and his jaw was permanently damaged by a bullet. He’s no worse for the wear now but he’s been through some very tough times. Please be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. Kudos to this dog’s incredible grandpa, as well.

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