Deaf, Blind Dog Has Adorable Reaction When She Senses That Dad Coming Home



Being blind and deaf has to be difficult for any living creature. We feel sorry enough for the humans that have to experience it but our heart also goes out to the blind and deaf animals of the world. It must be difficult to rely on the kindness of strangers on an everyday basis. Just imagine all of the animals who are only able to make their way around because they have already memorized the layout of their home.

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The dog in this story is able to survive because of her keen sense of smell. She’s got one powerful sniffer. She uses her nose so that she can tell when her owner is at home. The reactions that she has when he arrives are absolutely priceless. You will definitely want to see them for yourself. Opal the dog was first found at Double J Dog Ranch in Idaho.

Image Source: Facebook/The Dodo

This location specializes in providing assistance for animals like her. When special needs dogs are in search of homes, it can be tough to find them. The average person simply does not want the hassle. They would rather take home a new puppy that is not experiencing any sort of issue. Luckily for Opal, Christina and her husband are not like all of the others.

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They wanted to make sure that they provided her with a home. Poor Opal had been born deaf and blind. She was improperly bred and never had a real chance. However, she is still a very loving dog and she treasures her parents. The love that she has for her father is especially powerful. Once you see this video for yourself, you will be hard pressed not to smile.

Image Source: Instagram/opalthedoublemerle

Opal has learned her father’s scent. When he makes his way back home each day, she sniffs the air around him and is immediately contented. Christina is especially stunned by this development. Can you believe that Opal can even tell the difference between the scent of her father’s car and the scents of the other cars in her neighborhood?

Image Source: Instagram/opalthedoublemerle

We are beyond touched by what we have seen here. Please take a moment to share this amazing clip with your closest friends and loved ones as well.

Image Source: Instagram/opalthedoublemerle

The excitement that this dog displays when her father comes home every day is absolutely infectious. If you are anything like us, you will be grinning from ear to ear by the time this clip has concluded.

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