Deaf Guy Adopts A Deaf Rescue Puppy And Teaches Him Sign Language



With the animal rescuers and advocates spreading the word of the importance of adopting animals in need over buying them from breeders, it looks like a great number of people turn to shelters when they make the decision to welcome a pet in their life.

And although this is great news, the odds are not in the favor of the senior animals and those with certain disabilities. They require a bit more love and some extra care and not many have the time or the will to give it to them.

But it also happens that these special animals find their special families and get their happy endings. To everyone’s delight, such was the case with an amazingly cute black Labrador mix named Emerson. At the time he was saved from a Florida shelter, Emerson was only a month and a half old. The rescue group that took him under their care, the NFR Maine, was aware the poor pup had issues. Namely, the dog suffered from canine parvovirus and seizures. Luckily, he overcame them and very soon, he was placed for adoption. However, the bet later informed them that Emerson was deaf.

Lindsey Powers, who works at NFR Maine knew that was going to be an obstacle and that not many would be interested in welcoming Emerson in.

Speaking to ‘Good Morning America’, Lindsay Powers, who works at NFR Maine, said that they discovered that his hearing was impaired after he came back from the vet. They weren’t sure if he had been born with a disability or if something had happened to his hearing when he was younger. However, Emerson doesn’t let that get in his way at all and he loves living just like any other pup out there. Luckily for him, even though his life till recently had been quite difficult, he got the happily ever after he deserved.

Writing on Facebook about Emerson, Powers made sure she makes it clear how truly special that dog was. Vibrant and friendly, he would definitely make an extraordinary companion.

Luckily, Emerson’s story reached the right person for him, 31-year-old Nick Abbott from Maine who was born deaf. Powers was over the moon when she got the call from Abbott who wanted to adopt the sweet pup. She completed all the adoption documents in a matter of days and that meant Emerson could head to his new home.

Emerson and Abbott are the perfect match. Being deaf doesn’t stop them from enjoying their lives to the fullest and having lots of fun. What’s most, they found a perfect way to communicate with each other; using sign language. Isn’t that amazing?

Speaking to GMA, Abbott’s mom, Richelle, said how the dog now understand commands like sit, come here, and lie down.

We are so glad Emerson found just the human for him.

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