Disabled Chihuahua Dumped by Owner Wonders If She Will Ever be Loved



Life is often unfair, and many times, we find ourselves fighting and doing our best to find our own place in this cruel world. This is exactly what a sweet Chihuahua named Daffodil was striving for; to settle with a family that would show her love, unlike her owner who dumped her on the road in a cardboard box.

What is even sadder is that many people passed by Daffodil and stopped to take a look at her, but when they would notice she was missing her front legs, they would just pass by.

It was like that until the kind-hearted rescuers of SPCA heard of this disabled dog. As many times before, they were ready to step in and provide Daffodil with a new lease on life.

They not only showed her love and respect, but gave her the ultimate gift; the ability to walk again with the help of a custom-made wheels.

Learning how to walk on all four legs was a challenge that Daffodil was determined to overcome. Her road to recovery was a long one, but she did all it took to be normal.

Now, everything this sweet soul hopes for is to be able to find a family that would love her unconditionally. She’s cute, friendly, vibrant, and ready to give all her love to the right humans.

Update: Luckily, Daffodil found her forever home with Olivia, one of the people who were by Daffodil’s side throughout her recovery. Olivia fell in love with the cute pup so much that she wouldn’t let anyone else have her.

We are so very happy Daffodil found her happy ending. You can see her whole story in the video below.

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