Dog Stops By Neighbor’s Door Every Day To See If His Best Friend Can Play



Dogs are some of the best friends that a person could ever hope to have. They fulfill us in ways that we cannot imagine. Their effect on our lives can be very profound. In fact, the average dog owner will always say that these animals make life worth living. Humans may enjoy these friendships but the connections that dogs forge with other animals are truly priceless.

Cooper and Rhino are the best of friends. Rhino is a bulldog of the French variety. Cooper is a Yorkie. They do not allow these differences to stand between them. The two were friends almost immediately. Cooper loves to play outside. He was spending some time with his favorite tree when Rhino came by to say hello. They have been best pals ever since.

These are the connections that truly warm our heart. Since they both have a great deal of energy, they make for an awesome pair. We cannot get enough of their adventures. Someone should give them their own show or something! Once they had one play date, they were essentially inseparable. In fact, Rhino planted himself at Cooper’s door the very next day.

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He wanted to make sure that his friend would have time to play again. Of course, Cooper’s mother was more than happy to let the two run around together. They are able to run themselves ragged all day and when they come back home, they are too tired to get into any further mischief. As time went on, their play dates started to become more and more frequent.

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It did not take long before they finally started to spend time together indoors. Their parents knew how much they meant to one another and did not want to place any further obstacles in front of them. A deep gully separated the homes but that did not stop Rhino from charging his way over. Rhino’s grandfather finally decided to construct a bridge.

Image Source: ILoveMyDogSoMuch

Rhino makes sure to check for his pal every single day, without fail. There is no mountain high enough to keep him from his buddy. The photos of Rhino at the front door are absolutely priceless. Don’t they look like two little kids waiting for permission from their parents to go play? This is one bond that can never be broken… matter what! Please share this touching story as soon as possible. Your friends and loved ones will be over the moon for this dynamic duo.

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