Elderly Bears Get The First “Taste of Freedom” After 20 Years Being Trapped In Cages



It’s heartbreaking to see many wild animals are locked in cages and forced to live in poor living conditions. Animals were all born to live in their habitats and not behind bars and fences like prisoners. We need to understand that they have done nothing wrong to deserve this sort of treatment.

This is the story of four bears Bruno, Fifi, Marsha and Pocahontas who locked up in tiny cages at a defunct zoo in Pennsylvania, USA in 20 years. Thankfully, Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and PETA stepped in to rescue the poor bears. The bears were neglected and in poor shape, but they were finally freed and moved into a new living space.

Due to being trapped in cages for a long time, the bears became very despondent, so it took a while for the bears to be familiar with the new life. However, with the proper care of staffs at the sanctuary, the bears finally understood that they were free and began to explore their new surroundings covering.

We are happy to know that so many people are doing everything they can to save animals from captivity. That’s why we would like to provide our readers with an awesome video today. This video shows the bears taking their first steps outside of their cages and it’s an amazing moment to see.

Watch the video here!

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