Family Dumps Their ‘Ugly’ Dog, Doctors Transform Him With Life-Altering Surgery



The harsh truth is that many dog owners dump their pets when they reach certain age and don’t have the energy or the looks they once had. No matter how sad and cruel this sounds, it’s the fate lots of dogs experience.

Bjarni is a loving canine who had a rough start early in life and ended in the hands of a family who didn’t care for his well-being. He was found wandering the streets of Huntsville with a disfigured face.

Not only people feared his looks, but he experienced difficulties eating and breathing, too. His injuries were probably a result of an attack by another animal. Bjarni had crooked teeth and half of his nose was missing. The people who found him managed to track his owners down, but they said they didn’t want him back.

That’s when Anne Graber, the co-founder of St. Francis’ Angels decided to take Bjarni under her wing. Unfortunately, he needed a surgery and she didn’t have the funds. But then, out of the blue, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists contacted Graber and said how they were willing to give the poor soul the so much needed operation that would improve his health condition a great deal.

The surgery was a huge success. Bjarni’s face was re-aligned and he could eat and breath properly. Despite everything he’d gone true, he’s one of the friendliest dogs at the shelter. “Vivacious and engaging. He is totally unaware of his limitations and disfigurement,” Anne told the Huffington Post.

Update: Bjarni got his happy ending and will get to spend his days with a new family who loves him unconditionally. On top of that, he’s got a brand new name, Hogan, and it suits him just perfectly.

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