Family who lost their dog finds him 60 miles away living as a stray



Our dogs are our most beloved family and even the though of having to spend our life without them is devastating. So when a family from Turkey had their dog Leo stolen, they were beyond sad. Needless to say, they searched for him everywhere and even alerted the authorities, but a month passed and they heaven’t received any information that would lead them to their pet.

But then, just when they lost hope of ever finding Leo again, something strange happened.

Sertaç, the son of the dog owners, took a trip to a town that was around 60 miles away from his parents’ hometown. As he was walking around, he noticed a white stray dog that resembled Leo a lot.

He knew that the chances of that dog being Leo were slim, but he still decided to take a picture of it and send it to his dad.

“I took a picture and sent it to my mother and father,” said Sertaç. “I was in doubt.”

When they saw the photo, the Araç family agreed that the resemblance of that stray and filthy dog and their beloved Leo was uncanny and that they just couldn’t sit there and do nothing about it. So, they went there as soon as they could.

Amazingly enough, when the dog spotted Sertaç’s mom and dad, he rushed towards them and started jumping and running around in excitement. At that moment, all the doubts disappeared.

They couldn’t be happier to have their dog by their side again although they just couldn’t understand how could he end up so far away.

Sadly, after Leo went missing, the Araç family lost the other two dogs they owned too. They knew someone kidnapped them but they didn’t have any idea of who might that be.

“We’re so happy Leo is home. I will look carefully everywhere I visit in hopes we find [the other two dogs],” said Sertaç. “My father and mother will continue to search as long as they can because they see them as their sons and love them.”

Now that Leo is part of this family again, they say they will make sure to never leave him out of sight.

Below is the touching video of the reunion. It will bring tears to your eyes.

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