Farmers Can’t Believe Their Eyes When They See Cow’s Babies



The Beldo family of Sebeka, Minnesota, were over the moon with the news of their daughter giving birth to a baby girl.

They didn’t think twice before they went to see their granddaughter. But what they didn’t know was that more great news were awaiting for them back home.

Namely, one of Chuck and Deb’s cows, Momma Moo, was pregnant and went into labor the day these proud grandparents returned from visiting their daughter’s bundle of joy.

They were very excited to welcome another baby in their lives, this time a calf, but had no idea this delivery would be so special that everyone in the country would soon learn about it.

The Beldos are from a long line of farmers. They inherited the land near Sebeka back in 1882 and many generations of the family had lived there, taking care of animals, but we doubt any of them had ever experienced such birth like this one.

“I’ve been around cows my whole life, and I’ve never seen anything like it before,” said Deb.

Looking at how big Momma Moo looked, Deb had her suspicions that she might be carrying twins.

“Mom had noticed she [Momma Moo] was large but didn’t think too much of it,” said Jamie, Deb’s daughter.

“Actually,” she continued, “they had a set of twins born earlier this year, but unfortunately they came during the crazy cold weather we had in April, and they didn’t make it” — but contrary to Deb’s suspicions, Mama Moo didn’t have twins.

But, Momma Moo didn’t give birth to twins, but to quadruplets. She welcomed into the world four healthy babies, the chances of which are said to be 1 in 11.2 million.

Soon after this miraculous delivery, Deb took to Facebook to share the exciting news with her friends.

“A few unusual events yesterday,” she wrote.

“One cow gave birth to quadruplets. All are doing well. Mamma was looking a bit overwhelmed but had them all cleaned up.”

However, in just a matter of days, more than 80,000 people commented and passed the story down.

The cute calves were born weighting around twenty to twenty-five pounds which is more than half of what an average baby cow weights. But the Beldos were there to help the little ones thrive every step of the way.

Chuck, who wasn’t certain if the calves would pull through or not shared some great news himself, saying all four of them were doing really good just a week after they became a part of the happy family.

What’s most, the Beldos decided to take all four of them in as pets.

Isn’t this story one of the cutest you’ve heard in a while?

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