Fox Cubs Turn Grandma’s Porch Into Their Own Private Playground



If you have ever seen a baby fox before, you know that they are some of the most adorable creatures walking the planet. Foxes do tend to be very shy by nature. That’s what makes this woman’s story such a special one. She resides in Illinois and she ended up as the unwitting host to a whole family of foxes! Vechrotex is the Reddit user who decided to share the story.

Image Source: Vechrotex via Reddit

While his grandmother does reside in a wooded region, she had never seen anything quite like this before. She is accustomed to animal sightings but nothing on this level. Initially, there was just one baby fox on the porch. This would have been cute enough by itself. Little did she know that what was to come. The first fox even decided to lick her sliding glass door.

Image Source: Vechrotex via Reddit

Once the photos were shared online, people from all over the world showed their love for this mischievous fox. The photo was shared tens of thousands of times but there is more to the story. The baby fox was not done there. They came back to the house to visit their new friend again. When the baby fox made its return, Grandma was sure to snap some more photos.

Image Source: Vechrotex via Reddit

After this encounter, the fox returned yet again. This time, the baby fox was not alone. They had brought their friend along for the trip. The foxes were not going to let this trip pass by without having a little fun. They decided that they were going to turn Grandma’s porch into their own personal playground. The young man who had been sharing the photos on Reddit was sure to pass this one along.

Image Source: Vechrotex via Reddit

We are glad that we did. In case you were wondering, the foxes were not completely unsupervised. Their mother had come along. She kept a close eye on the children during their playtime. Of course, the Internet had a number of funny responses to what they had seen. It is nice to see Reddit spending their time on something that is more constructive than usual.

Image Source: Vechrotex via Reddit

The Internet can be overly negative at times and it makes us happy to see these foxes frolicking peacefully. No one was able to put a strange spin on it or use these foxes as their soapbox to start an argument. If you are anything like us, you will not be able to get enough of these beautiful creatures. Please share!

Image Source: Vechrotex via Reddit

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