German Shepherd Won’t Let Anyone Near Her Lobster Friend



While we have definitely seen several unique animal friendships over the course of our lives, this one takes the cake. Dogs have a great deal of loyalty to their human owners but what about the other animals of the world? This may be the most unusual connection that we have ever seen. The German Shepherd you are about to meet has taken quite the shine to this lobster.

Image Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

In fact, the dog is going to make sure that these hungry humans do not have the chance to devour their friend. Sami’s pal may not have been there for long but they became fast friends. She is bound and determined to keep the lobster safe from harm. We cannot believe that they had only known each other for a few minutes before this video was taken.

Image Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

You would think that they were lifelong friends, especially with the way Sami was acting. The owners were not expecting this issue to take place. They were simply trying to get dinner started. Sadly, they made the mistake of introducing the dog to their dinner first. Perhaps she will name him Pinchy and make him a nice risotto in the meantime?

Image Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

We kid, we kid. Sami was asked to surrender her new friend but she was not going to give up without a fight. The poor dog even appears to be crying a little bit. Whenever one of the humans reached out to try and take the lobster from her, she threw a mini tantrum. We understand where she is coming from, though. She’s an empathetic animal, if nothing else.

“My wonderful German Shepherd, Sami, has always had a motherly side to her even though she has never had puppies of her own. I’ve seen it with babies, kittens, even my pet snake. However, we were very surprised to see her act protective over one of the lobsters we had planned to eat for a lobster dinner. She would show her teeth to my brother’s dog and hide the lobster under her head and even put her legs around it so we couldn’t take it away from her!”

Image Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

According to the family, Sami tends to be the motherly type. She loves to look after baby animals of all species. They decided to take her actions in stride. The German Shepherd is also a protective breed by nature. The bad reputation that these animals receive is entirely unfounded. This video offers all of the proof that anyone should ever need.

Image Source: Sukamehdeek via YouTube

If you would like to check out Sami’s last stand on behalf of her new lobster buddy, please be sure to check out the video below. People have fallen on both sides of the divide with this one. There are those who believe that the dog is fully within her rights to defend the lobster. There are others who just wish she would let her owners have their dinner. Which side are you on here? Team Sami or team Let’s Just Eat Already?

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